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The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna

Sep 20, 2021

It’s time to get your reels game whipped into shape. Creating content shouldn’t feel like a workout. If you’ve done the warm up, you’ve got the gear and your strategy is the perfect fit, creating Reels will be a walk on the treadmill.

That’s how it’s going to feel after you’ve finished my “5 Ways To Go Viral With IG Reels” masterclass, live on Instagram.

Thursday 23rd September 8pm BST 

We’re going to cover:

- How to get in on trending reels

- How to nail your reels transitions

- How to add music to your reels

- What you need to film epic reels

- How to prepare for a batch recording session

If your reels aren’t getting a personal best (some of ours are getting 90k+ views) then it’s time to up your game.

Let me be your personal trainer and start getting results like:

- A growing follower count

- More engagement & DMs

- Enquiries & SALES all from your content

Ready for reels that are AB-solutely pulling in the gains?!

Put Thursday 23rd September 8pm in your planner & let’s get that social SNATCHED! 


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