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The Socialista Podcast with Anna Khanna

Oct 4, 2021

Today's episode is directed primarily to beauty business owners, although some of the things we will go through can still be applied to any industry. I'm thrilled to announce a free marketing challenge for beauty business owners in October, and in this show, we will go through the entire program, what we will be teaching day by day, and the results you can expect from the program. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

- Why we must avoid paying attention to vanity metrics

- What can you expect from our next Ultimate Free Marketing Challenge

- Why having Instagram as your unique marketing tool is making you leave money on the table

- Why increasing video content is vital to growing your business

- How can external resources like Booksy or affiliate schemes help you improve your income

One of the things I'm strong about with beauty businesses is to diversify your income streams. If you have a saloon, you can add a training academy, you can rent rooms to other people, and another great option are affiliate schemes. 


- Register for "Booked Out Beauty Boss" the ULTIMATE free marketing challenge to increase your income online 19/21/21 October 8pm BST at

- Booksy: Visit to receive 50% off your first 3 months.

- Doll Beauty PRO: Visit to earn more money from Doll Beauty products in your beauty biz.

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